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Chouffe Session is coming soon!

Being Chouffe Ambassadors, we are excited to announce that we have something new and exciting coming from D’Achouffe – Chouffe Lite (Chouffe Session).

Full of character and lightness, Chouffe Lite 4.0% is a real Chouffe with only 4% alcohol! This blonde beer with a slightly cloudy color is full of freshness, with herbal notes and the fruity character that Chouffe lovers appreciate so much. Chouffe Lite 4.0% is the perfect choice if you want to enjoy a real, special beer… with little alcohol.

Chouffe lite will be available in the near future, so keep an eye out for when it on draught and make sure you get yourself down to try this wonderful speicial!

Wiper and True KaleiDIPA

‘We’re celebrating Wiper and True’s 11th birthday with a big, bold DIPA-strength and very limited edition batch of our flagship beer, Kaleidoscope. Our brewers have really gone to town to bring you the biggest beer we’ve brewed in years, taking all the flavour-aroma qualities you know and love from Kaleidoscope and quite literally doubling them. Twice the hops for bigger flavours of tropical juice with citrus zestiness. Loads more wheat for a thicker, fluffier mouthfeel. Bigger, bolder, and juicier, this is Kaleidoscope with its party hat on’ – Wiper and True

Kaleidoscope – Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic: a trio of hops that combine to beautiful effect. Our carefully selected blend creates a kaleidoscope of bright citrus and vibrant fruit flavours, balanced with gentle, clean bitterness. Harmonious, refreshing, and very drinkable. 

Both will be on draught for this weekend!

Vault City Iron Brew Trio Release

Vault City have released their special Iron Brew Sour, however this year they have also brought out two others that have a twist on them – The Float and the Fiery Ginger.

The Iron Brew range will be dropping next week.

Iron Brew Sour – 4.8%
There are many things Scotland has given to the world but perhaps the most iconic is Iron Brew. The bold colour and unique flavour evoke a sense of national pride that’s otherwise only found when talking about our tap water. It’s timeless, like a pint at the airport.

Iron Brew Float – 5.5%
Imagine a dollop of soft vanilla ice cream dropped into a fresh glass of fizzy Iron Brew. This sweet scoop, surrounded by a moat of orange-y goodness, is known as a float. 

Fiery Ginger Iron Brew – 6.4%

There are plenty of fiery gingers in our great nation, but none quite like this! Sure, we’re quick to turn a little red, in an argument, or in the sun… but we cool off quick – just like the fire in this refreshing Iron Brew ginger beer. A subtle spice among a not-so-subtle Scottish flavour.

If you would like to reserve one of each, simply send us an email or drop a message to Facebook or Instagram.

Original £5.00, Float & Fiery £6.00 – 1x Each £14.00

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