Keep up to do date on our Lancashire Brewery Challenge by navigating to the current competition, or take a look back at previous years to see who took part, and went up against each other!

We came up with the idea of the competition when the bar first opened back in 2020, however, due to the unfortunate things going on in the world we had to put our plans on hold. The idea came about when we sat and looked at how many fantastic breweries there are across the North West of England and we couldn’t decide what to order next! Skip forward to 2022, the world was moving back to how it was, and our little competition was started!

2022 – We had a very difficult decision of who to send an invitation to, how to judge winners of each round and so on! 19 breweries jumped the chance to take part which for us, was fantastic! Heats of head-to-heads were drawn up, breweries were notified, and off we went! Check out the page to see who took part. Starting in January with 19 breweries, three months later it was down to the final two where each brewery put three of their best, wackiest, and most wonderful beers forward where it was left down to the customers to support their favourite brewery by simply – drinking!

2023 – After the success of 2022, we automatically knew we had to go again -this time, BIGGER! This year brought the addition of 5 extra positions for more wonderful beer! Again, due to the way things went, unfortunately, a handful of breweries that took part no longer brewed. A silver lining, this meant we could put an invitation out to breweries that we had never had before, breweries who in one year developed a vast selection of new and exciting cask ales! This meant that with 24 breweries, the first set of heats saw 8 rounds of 3 breweries. one beer each, from across the Ol’ Lancashire boundary. The quarter-finals and semi-finals put two beers from each brewery in a face-off. Again, nearly three months later it ended up in a Northern Derby – Liverpool Vs Manchester, two giants of the North West brewing scene. Check out the page to see more.

2024: Stay tuned to see who takes part, follow along as the competition goes and come down to support your favourite local brewery!

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Previous Winners:
2022: Crankshaft Brewery, Leyland
2023: Cloudwater Brewery, Manchester
2024: Rivington Brewery, Chorley