Starting in February we are holding our very own Lancashire Brewery Challenge – where we pit head to head nineteen of the best of breweries from the traditional boundaries of Lancashire until we have a winner.

First round ties will be held throughout February. These ties consist of one cask beer from each brewery, the first to sell out sees that brewery progress to round 2. The second round will be held in March. Again this round will see breweries putting up two cask beers. The four winners will then compete in the semi finals, where two different barrels from each brewery will be put up, the first brewery to sell both barrels being the winner. These ties will be held in April. The two winning breweries then meet in the grand final at the end of April, when again it is two barrels against two. The first to sell out both of their beers are pronounced the winners.

The competing breweries are as follows: –

Beatnikz Republic

Black Jack Beers

Black Edge Brewery

Bowland Brewery

Crankshaft Brewery

First Chop Brewing Arm

Hophurst Brewery

Liverpool Brewing Co

Manchester Brewing Co

Marble Beers

Neptune Brewery

Northern Monkey

Problem Child Brew Co

Prospect Brewery

Red Rose Brewery

Rock The Boat

Rivington Brewing Co

The Parker Brewery

Twisted Wheel Brewery

First Round Results: –

Northern Monkey Vs. Rivington Brewing Co – WINNER RIVINGTON BREWING CO

Problem Child Brew Co v Blackjack Brewery v Rock the Boat – WINNER PROBLEM CHILD BREW CO

Liverpool Brewing Co v Twisted Wheel – WINNER: LIVERPOOL BREWING CO

Crankshaft Brewery v Beatnikz Republic v The Parker Brewery – WINNER CRANKSHAFT BREWERY

Neptune Brewery v Black Edge Brewery – WINNER BLACK EDGE BREWERY

Prospect Brewery v Bowland Brewery – WINNER BOWLAND BREWERY

First Chop Brewing Arm v Manchester Brewing Co – WINNER FIRST CHOP BREWING ARM

Red Rose Brewery v Marble Beers v Hophurst Brewery – WINNER RED ROSE BREWERY

Second Round Results: –

Bowland Brewery v Problem Child Brew Co – WINNER: BOWLAND BREWERY

Crankshaft Brewery v Black Edge Brewery – WINNER: CRANKSHAFT BREWERY

Red Rose Brewery v Rivington Brewing Co – WINNER: RED ROSE BREWERY

Liverpool Brewing Co v First Chop Brewing Arm – WINNER: LIVERPOOLBREWING CO

Finals Date:

Saturday 7th May – Crankshaft Brewery v Liverpool Brew Co – WINNER: CRANKSHAFT BREWERY

Semi-Final Draw and Results:-

Liverpool Brewing Co v Red Rose Brewery – WINNER: LIVERPOOL BREWING CO

Bowland Brewery v Crankshaft Brewery – WINNER: CRANKSHAFT BREWERY