Starting in February we are holding our very own Lancashire Brewery Challenge – where we pit head to head twenty-four of the best breweries from the traditional boundaries of Lancashire until we have a winner.

First-round ties will be held throughout February. These ties consist of one cask of beer from each brewery, the first to sell out see that brewery progress to round 2. The second round will be held in March. Again this round will see breweries putting up two cask beers. The four winners will then compete in the semi-finals, where two different barrels from each brewery will be put up, the first brewery to sell both barrels being the winner. These ties will be held in April. The two winning breweries then meet in the grand final at the end of April, where it is three beers a piece. The first to sell out of their beers are pronounced the winners.

Unfortunately, a few of last year’s competing breweries have closed due to the difficult times, including last year’s winners, Crankshaft Brewery. That being said, Hayden and Angela will be down Wednesday to help us kick-start the beginning of this year’s brewery challenge!

The competing breweries are as follows: –

Blackedge Brewing Company

Blackjack Brewery

Bowland Brewery

Brightside Brewing Company

Cloudwater Brewing Company

Donkeystone Brewing Co.

Farmyard Ales

First Chop Brewing Arm

Hawskehad Brewery

Hophurst Brewery Ltd

Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery

Liverpool Brewing Company Ltd

Neptune Brewery

Northern Monkey Brew Co

The Parker Brewery

Problem Child Brewing

Red Rose Brewery

Rivington Brew Co

Southport Brewery

Top Rope Brewing Ltd

Twisted Wheel Brew Co

Wigan Brewhouse

First-Round Draw:

Wednesday 1st February – 6 pm Start – Northern Monkey V Parker V Twisted Wheel (A)
– WINNER: Twisted Wheel [Moral Panic]

Saturday 4th February – Blackjack V Hawkshead V Hophurst (B)
– WINNER: Hophurst Brewery [Azacca]

Thursday 9th February – Black Edge V Cloudwater V Southport (C)
– WINNER: Cloudwater Brew Co [Fuzzy]

Money 13th February – Lancaster V Marble V Top Rope (D)
– WINNER: Lancaster Brewery [Citra]

Saturday 18th February – Bowland V First Chop V Problem Child (E)
– WINNER: Problem Child Brew Co [Isolation]

Thursday 23rd February – Liverpool V Rivington V Wigan (F)
– WINNER: Liverpool Brewing Co [Iron Man]

Monday 27th February – Donkeystone V Farmyard V Red Rose (G)
– WINNER: Red Rose Brewery [Czechmate]

Saturday 4th March – Brightside V Kirkby Lonsdale V Neptune (H)
-WINNER: Neptune Brewery [Luna]

Quarter Final Round Draw:

Thursday 9th March – Twisted Wheel V Hophurst Brewery (AB)
– WINNER: Twisted Wheel [Friday Vibes & Moral Panic]

Thursday 16th March – Cloudwater Brew Co V Lancaster Brewery (CD)
– WINNER: Cloudwater Brewery [Chinook in your heart & Happy Days]

Thursday 23rd March – Problem Child Brew Co V Liverpool Brewing Co (EF)
– WINNER: Liverpool Brew Co [Easy Pale & Tropical]

Thursday 30th March – Red Rose Brewery V Neptune Brewery (GH)
– WINNER: Neptune Brewery [Sea of Dreams & Equinox]

Semi-Final Draw and Dates Schedule:

Thursday 6th April – (AB) Twisted Wheel V Cloudwater Brewery (CD)
-WINNER: Cloudwater Brewery [Piccadilly Star & SoCal] – 2:1

Thursday 13th April – (EF) Liverpool Brew Co V Neptune Brewery (GH)
– WINNER: Neptune Brewery [Ships of Fools & Nelson sails Again] – 2:0

Final Dates:

Saturday 29th April – (ABCD) Cloudwater Brewery v Neptune Brewery (EFGH)
– WINNER: Cloudwater [Piccadilly Gold, Fuzzy & Brighter Days] – 3:1